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Antioxidant Smoothie Reinforced With Glutathione

Taking care of your health means understanding things at a cellular level. Every cell in our body produces Glutathione (GSH), the queen of antioxidants, which is important for so many functions including your immune system, disease prevention, and detoxification. So you're probably wondering 'well if every damn cell in my body produces it, why do I need to supplement it?.' While it is WITHIN our cells, many factors can deplete your glutathione levels including aging, toxins, poor diet, and stress. You can supplement it by adding a pure glutathione powder into your smoothies or take it in capsule form which is available by Bulletproof here


1 banana

½ cup almond milk (adjust for desired consistency)

1/3 cup frozen blackberries

1/4 cup ice

Pinch of cinnamon

Pure Glutathione powder

One pitted medjool date (for extra sweetness/ optional)

Garnish with goji berries


Blend everything in a high-powered blender! Add more or less of almond milk to get your desired consistency. If you’re an overachiever, make your own almond milk free of any binders or emulsifiers- recipe available on our blog!

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