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What Is Paleo?


The Paleo diet is the original human diet (inspired by how your ancestors ate!) that focuses on nutrient-dense foods to make your body operate at its maximum capacity. It is a nutritional approach to help you stay healthy and lean by encouraging fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and lean proteins. Nutritionist, Physicians, Biochemists, and other researchers have indicated that the modern diet is full of processed foods, sugars, and trans fat causing many degenerative diseases such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes. The Paleo diet put simply removes foods that are at odds with your health and instead increases your vitamin and mineral intake. 


What IS Paleo Collective? 


Paleo Collective is a single resource for the Paleo lifestyle; we provide personal chef services, experiential pop-up dinners, private cooking classes, corporate talks and demos, and a free nutrition-focussed blog with recipes and health tips. Education and empowerment is the common thread in everything we do; we thrive to be a catalyst for people to take charge of their health. 


Natalie Pukasemvarangkoon was born and raised in Thailand and started Paleo Collective after graduating from UCLA. She began this culinary start-up as a result of her personal health struggles post moving to America. Through focusing on functional foods and holistic healing, she has provided personal chef services to a vast array of celebrities, CEOs, and leading health professionals. Natalie continues to lead with a focus on education and has spoken at companies as part of their corporate wellness programs as well as educational institutions including the University of Southern California.



How many times have you attended an event and can't eat anything there? Make your event stand out by having a 100% Paleo spread! From small parties to large parties, we'll create a menu that fits your needs. 

Pop - UP


From private executive dinners to experiential pop-up dinners- a culinary experience featuring an all organic Paleo menu. Socialize with other health enthusiast, learn the nutritional benefits of the ingredients used in each dish, and enjoy flavorful food that is healthy for you! Pop-up dinners are ticketed with limited seatings. 



We take care of you! Have a personal chef come cook a healthy meal for you in the comfort of your own home. Work with the chef to create a custom menu that fits with your health needs and any goals you may have.




Set yourself up for this game changing course- learn how to grocery shop, read nutrition labels, set up your pantry, menu plan, meal prep, and cook all things Paleo!


Blog &


The Paleo Confidential Blog- a no-filter blog featuring recipes with a focus on nutrition and healthy cooking tips. Transform your cooking game by learning these easy Paleo recipes!


Talks &


From team building exercises, to corporate talks, to cooking demos, we provide an educational experience that will inspire your team

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