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Cryo Therapy

So I had the pleasure of going to Cryo Therapy with a client of mine and have since, been asked about my experience. Cryo Therapy is basically the general use of low temperature for medical therapy. People go for reasons such as Rheumatism, joint/ muscle pain, weightloss, insomnia, and stress. I saw a lot of athletes there as I assume this is a much more enjoyable way to decrease recovery time than an ice bath.

Before going in, they give you socks and ear muffs. With Whole Body Cryotherapy, I was placed in cryogenic sauna where my body was exposed to ultra-low temperatures, -200 to -240 F. Cold is an understatement. Exposure time ranges from 1.5-3 minutes; I was in there for 2 minutes 30 seconds! Nailed it. My skin surface temperature lowered significantly and stimulated receptors. The fun part is that they play music in the chamber and you can pick what you want to listen, or in my case, dance to. I was literally jumping up and down and dancing. There’s a little window where you can see out and people can see just your head… so imagine a head bobbing up and down. That was me. I went in solo but you can go in as a couple! How romantic? Or awkward date? Let me know if any of you have the balls to suggest that as a first date. Please hashtag #cryodate


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