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DIY Paleo Pancake Kit (For Your Next Not-Vday-Related Gift)

Who overspent on Valentine's Day and is still broke from Christmas? The thing about owning a start-up or a small business is that I have to really think about where I spend my money- I'm not always good with it but every dollar is basically working capital...I own more platters, cake stands, and cooking equipment than I do clothes, shoes... and underwear combined.

This DIY gift set came about because I wanted to:

1. recycle some of these jars

2. keep things paleo

3. not spend more than $100, which is hard in West Hollywood

4. have everything in one basket because he can never find anything in our pantry every time he wants to make pancakes (i.e every weekend)

You're also probably wondering why I'm posting this a day after Valentine's day...when the right thing to do would be to post this weeks before Valentine's Day so that you can decide if it's something you want to do as a gift. Truth be told, this was a last minute gift which means you can pull it all together within an afternoon for future gift-giving. Anniversary gift? Birthday gift? Thank-you gift? Sorry-you-got-dumped gift?

Initially, I got just the pancake pan as the gift. To most people, that's like getting socks for Christmas. Not for us though since we're both chefs, we eat paleo pancakes religiously every weekend, and we gift each other cooking-related gifts all the time. A few months ago my boyfriend came home with this patterned wood chopping board- yes, a chopping board excites me. On another occasion he came home with new shiny fucking spatulas. You get the point. But because we often gift things like a pan, I felt I should do something a little more for Valentine's Day.

Everything pictured here can be done within an afternoon: (except ordering a pan on amazon)

-Personalized wooden spoon available from Sur La Table $14.50

-Basket with tags/ straws from World Market $9.99

-Jars and milk bottle also available from World Market (I recycled mine from my previous purchases... brand new its only about $1-$3)

-Non-stick pancake pan with 7 round slots (find on amazon, $22.94 or from a cooking store)

-Homemade almond milk (recipe here)

-Homemade paleo pancake mix (price depends on your recipe)

-Organic maple syrup

-Organic vanilla extract

-Choice of pancake toppings (e.g crushed nuts, fruits, dairy-free chocolate chips)


1. Purchase the elements you need and handwrite your labels. Get creative and add measuring spoons or a whisk!

2. Find a paleo pancake recipe you love. Combine all the dry ingredients into a jar. I mixed hazelnut flour, coconut flour, and arrowroot flour with salt and baking soda to switch things up for him since we usually make an almond-flour recipe. Really on a time crunch? Go buy a ready-to-use paleo pancake mix and just transfer into mason jar. It's the thought (and presentation) that counts! Email me if you want specific recommendations.

3. Make your own almond milk (recipe here) and be sure to let him/ her know YOU made your own damn milk! Major points. If you're on a time crunch, buy some good almond milk and pour into the glass bottle

4. Pour maple syrup into the mason jar or keep it in its original bottle if the label is nice

5. Assemble remaining elements. Don't forget to handwrite the remainder of the recipe e.g:

1 cup of Natalie's paleo pancake mix,

3 eggs,

1 tsp vanilla extract etc

Also include instructions if your significant other doesn't know how to make pancakes. I simply wrote "Blend everything together. The rest you can figure out yourself..." i.e you can't graduate from culinary school and not figure this out.

6. Surprise him/ her!

But don't forget to store the almond milk in the fridge after the surprise...

I want to see all your creations so hashtag #ImBrokeButStillRomantic and tag @paleocollective on instagram

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