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Water Filter 101

If you’re still drinking tap water, stop. Tap water essentially displaces iodine in the body; this leads to immune deficiency and hypothyroidism. For all you parents, or parents-to-be, the fluoride in tap water affects the brain development of children. Yea, just don’t do it.

While many people use Brita water filters, I use Soma. Not only is it less of an eye-sore on the table, this soma carafe is made with shatter-resistant glass unlike the plastic Brita pitcher. Really, it’s quite elegant.

What takes Soma to the next level is this: the filter is a coconut shell carbon filter in a plant-based PLA casing. WHAT!

What is plant-based PLA? ‘polylactide (PLA) biopolymer resin’. In a nut shell, all plastics are made from long chains of molecules through the process of hydrolysis, electrodialysis, etc etc. Long story short, in PLA, the polymer is created from molecules from corn instead of molecules from petroleum making this a far more eco-friendly material. PLA performs just as well as conventional plastics and can be used in a wide variety of consumer products. GET YOUR SOMA!


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