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Pre-workout Beet Juice

I swear by this juice pre every single spin class. I always make this juice when I take a workout class that requires stamina, because it's obvious in a class setting if you’re the only one who stops…

Anyone who's been to a spin class knows what I'm talking about.

Beet juice has been shown to help the body respond better to exercise. Why? Because it opens up vessels for better oxygen flow, balances oxygen use, and increases stamina. I swear it helps me get through that last 10 minutes of spin class when my legs have basically become jello and I’m losing my soul cycle mantra for the class. On top of that, this juice aids in the healthy function of your liver as well as lowers blood pressure.

Make sure you are juicing only organic ingredients unless you want to drink concentrated pesticides. Side note, because I’ve had clients call me in the middle of the day to ask, it’s normal to poop pink poop post beet juice. Don’t be alarmed.


1 medium size beets

1 cucumber

Ginger root (an inch or more if you can handle it!)

½ lemon (peeled)


Juice it in your juicer… however your juicer works. For those of you who are looking into buying a juicer (a great investment!) I’ll be posting soon about the different kinds of juicer aka juicing 101


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