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Collagen Chocolate Mousse

The point with functional foods and a lot of supercharged foods is that you're taking ingredients and recipes that are already healthy and 'supercharging' them with even more nutrients and health benefits. You want everything you eat to serve a function e.g cleanse liver, build gut lining strength, etc.

About the supplements:

some of these ingredients are a little pricey but worth it- they're very versatile, I throw all of these supplements into my smoothies and raw desserts all the time. They're on the higher end of the price spectrum in comparison to competitors because of quality. For instance, the collagen protein powder I use is from Bulletproof because it is important to get collagen from grass-fed cows. And the Five Seed Blend Oil by Panaseeda comes in a beautiful black glass bottle to preserve the cold-pressed oil; it's one of the products I recommend to a lot of clients looking to reduce inflammation due to arthritis. I will (soon) have a page redirecting you to all these products as I'm always recommending them and constantly inefficiently copying and pasting links. So keep an eye out for it! And maybe promo codes depending on my negotiation skills...


3 ripes avocados

1/4 cup raw honey, melted

1/4 cup maple syrup (or less depending on desired sweetness)

1 ripe banana (the ones with lots of freckles! More nutrients!)

1 tbsp grass-fed collagen protein powder (I use Bulletproof)

3/4 cup raw cacao powder (I also use Bulletproof but there's lots of great brands out there for this)

2 tsp brain octane oil (you can also use regular MCT oil, or XCT oil)

Optional: 1/2- 1 tsp 'Five seed blend' oil (by Panaseeda)- this has a very potent and distinct taste that some people may not be use to so I've listed it as optional. If you're making this for your kids, maybe omit it the first time you make this.

Health Benefits:

  • Grass-fed collagen protein powder- protein, gut health, skin,

  • Avocados- brain health

  • Cacao- anti-oxidant

  • Brain octane oil- good fats, cognitive performance

  • Five seed blend oil- reduces inflammation


1. In a Vitamix, blend the avocados, banana, brain octane, (and optional: five seed blend oil)

2. Add the collagen protein powder, cacao powder, and salt. Blend the mixture well using a spatula to scrape ingredients off the side of the blender

3. Pour in the honey and maple syrup, and blend one final time! Adjust sweetness to desired taste

4. Pour into ramekins, top it off with shredded coconuts, sliced almonds, and strawberries

5. Best served chilled!

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