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My most requested recipe and dish is Pook’s Pineapple Bowl. It’s so simple and easy to make and you save yourself from washing one bowl (every one less chore counts…) Ofcourse there are variations but here’s the original recipe. Recreate it, and hashtag #PooksPineapple...

This recipe calls for only 3 ingredients. You can't get lazier than that. 

Pitaya is a fruit that originated in Central America with benefits including antioxidants, vitamin B, fiber, and magnesium. The color is so vibrant in a smoothie and there is absolutely no colori...

If you’re still drinking tap water, stop. Tap water essentially displaces iodine in the body; this leads to immune deficiency and hypothyroidism. For all you parents, or parents-to-be, the fluoride in tap water affects the brain development of children. Yea, just don’t...

So I had the pleasure of going to Cryo Therapy with a client of mine and have since, been asked about my experience. Cryo Therapy is basically the general use of low temperature for medical therapy. People go for reasons such as Rheumatism, joint/ muscle pain, weightlo...


Somehow, people have it in their heads that this is a ‘healthy’ breakfast: a bowl of yoghurt with fruits topped with granola or cereal.

  1. That is filled with dairy, that I highly doubt is raw and grass-fed.

  2. Store bought yoghurts are filled with refined sugars, p...

Here's a short tip that will save you about an hour of your valuable time. I remember making tomato soup for about 12 people and it required all the tomatoes at Whole Foods Market; imagine individually hand peeling those. While shopping at Whole Foods Market, I picture...

I swear by this juice pre every single spin class. I always make this juice when I take a workout class that requires stamina, because it's obvious in a class setting if you’re the only one who stops…

Anyone who's been to a spin class knows what I'm talking about.



This makes for a light dessert or a sweet snack! Most store-bought chia seed puddings are so watered down without the thick ‘pudding’ texture. Why? Because of course, chia is the expensive ingredient. But when you make it for yourself, do it right and treat yourself to...

Midday or pre-workout when I need an energy boost, I always add maca to whatever smoothie I make. Maca powder is known to boost energy, promotes fertility, increase stamina, and improve athletic performance. For all my fellow women out there, Maca helps balance your ho...

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