August 9, 2018

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January 16, 2016

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Supernola Paleo Granola

January 16, 2016



Somehow, people have it in their heads that this is a ‘healthy’ breakfast: a bowl of yoghurt with fruits topped with granola or cereal.

  1. That is filled with dairy, that I highly doubt is raw and grass-fed.

  2. Store bought yoghurts are filled with refined sugars, preservatives, fructose, binders etc

  3. Granola is made with grains and sugar.

While I make my own probiotic yoghurt, which I will share with another time, you can opt for almond milk or coconut milk based yoghurts. More importantly, use Paleo granola. I use Supernola (again, they are not paying me to endorse them although I do know them and they are lovely peeps!). Supernola isn’t just regular Paleo granola, it is enhanced with performance-related ingredients like red maca powder and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as ginger and turmeric; this is why a lot of their products are found in gyms and why they are linked to professional sport teams. Your athlete idol probably eats Supernola and you don’t even know it. As you can see in these photos, I actually invited myself to their kitchen to check out how Supernola is made! Stamp of approval. Throw Supernola on top of your smoothies, yoghurt, or chia pudding! 





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